Sun 6:15pm Tulasi Arati
Sun 6:30pm to 7:30pm Sandhya Arati
Sun 07:00pm to 8:00pm Baghavad Gita Discours
Sun 08:00pm to 08:30pm Maha Prasadam Distribution to Visitors

We extend a warm and hearty welcome to you, your friends and family. Please join us at ISKCON Trichy with your family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere in the association of people interested in genuine spirituality and a meaningful life. Chant and dance with us, hear what Lord Krishna speaks in Bhagavad-Gita, ask questions about the philosophy and the devotional lifestyle, and taste the delicious Maha Prasadam.

The Sunday Feast is supported
by your generous donations.

Perhaps you have a special occasion for loved ones such as a Birthday or Anniversary and would like them to receive special blessings from Lord Krishna! You can do this by sponsoring a Sunday Feast.

“A person who honors prasadam immediately can achieve the results of pious activities which are obtained through ten thousand performances of sacrificial rites.” (Padma Purana)

“Those persons who engage in annadanam or giving of food grains on My holy days will achieve liberation very soon”   (Padma Purana)

Of course, any time you donate for the service of the Lord, you receive His Blessings.

We prepare a Feast for approximately 60 guests each week which costs 4000 Rs.

The Sunday Feast not only includes a vegetarian *Prasadam* feast, but incorporates an entire evening program of kirtan, arati and class.

Anyone who participates in any aspect of the Sunday Feast will receive the Lord’s blessings and their heart will become purified.

As Krishna devotees we know the importance of prasadam distribution.
And indeed it is an essential aspect of our culture.